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1-Day Grab The Wheel Training

  • Anderson & Anderson 2300 Westridge Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA (map)

8:30 AM: Coffee/Breakfast Snacks, Meet and Greet

9 AM: Introduction and Bio, Training & Experience, Theoretical Background for My Approach

9:30 AM: Seminar Outline and Objectives - Handout

  • Psychoeducation & Establish The Need.  Why Early Intervention? (15 mins)

  • Basics Of The Model: Behavioral Therapy & Social Skills (15 mins)

  • Course Goals & Objectives (15 mins)

10 AM: Brief History of Anger Management Intervention, Emotional Intelligence Coaching & The Roots of Anderson & Anderson

BREAK ACTIVITY: Which areas of emotional intelligence do you think are most vital for clinicians and teachers? 

  • The Contrasting Wheels Of Behavior and The EQ Assessment and Post-Test Debrief - an example of how to use a measurement tool with Adults or Children

  • Reinventing the Wheels into Child Friendly and Visual Lessons

11 AM: Morning Break (15 mins)

11:15 AM: Anger In Children (and other challenging behaviors)

  • The focus cannot simply be on Anger.  Must include social skills, and vice versa.  Struggles or deficits in communication is the most common trigger for Anger.

  • Lack of coping skills for Anxiety or frustration can frequently be true triggers.  

  • How Anger Develops in Children - A Developmental Review

  • How Parents Reinforce Bad Behavior, How Teachers Can Make it Worse

Most Common Childhood Challenges That Cause Anger and Social Problems

  • Frustration Tolerance

  • Sensory Overload

  • Trouble Sharing

  • Inability to Communicate

  • Inability to ID & Express Emotions

  • Not Listening

  • Hurt Feelings

    • Being Teased/Left Out

    • Losing

    • Something taken

    • Struggling, Feeling Insecure

    • Getting Hurt

  • Rigidity

    • Dealing with Change

    • Unexpected, New things

    • Not Getting Your Way

    • Having to share

    • Something broken, not working

12 PM: Reinventing The Wheels

  • Child-friendly language and visual learning

  • To Review:  A&A Contrasting Wheels of Behavior→ The Good Choice Wheel

  • Teach the wheel using social stories, illustrations

  • Reinforcement to encourage use of more positive skills

  • Goals: Increase Awareness, Improve Social Problem Solving and Coping Skills, using all of these together will help children better manage frustration and anger, and prevent small conflicts from escalating

Good Choice Wheel

  1. Strong Words

  2. Listening

  3. Say How I Feel

  4. Try Something Different


2 PM: Reinforcers, Stickers, Money, Magnets

2:10 PM: Using Illustrations, Coconut Coping Tree, Other Tools

2:20 PM: Walkthrough Example - Case Study

2:30 PM: Class Roleplay in Groups W/ Scenario

3:15 BREAK

3:30 PM: Questions/Case Examples

4 PM: Consultation