Anderson & Anderson has been teaching coping skills to Adults and Adolescents all around the world since 1982.  Now we're bringing these skills to Circle Time.


Good Choices and Bad Choices, all children learn how to solve their problems by trial-and-error.  Early Childhood is the critical period for all children to learn how to identify their feelings, and discover ways to calm down and solve their problems.  Now, parents and teachers can use one common language to help children understand their own behavior, and learn how to be better problem solvers and better friends.  

There is far more to the education of a child than the everlasting iteration of the word DON’T
— Autsin O'Malley, Keystones Of Thought


  • Provide teachers and parents with a simple behavioral intervention
  • Help children learn how to identify and express their feelings
  • Teach children how to ask for things appropriately--no whining, no yelling
  • Teach children how to listen with eye contact and body language
  • Help children become more flexible, learn to find alternatives, try new things, solve problems, and stay cool and move on when they cant have their way
  • Provide children with a way to monitor their own good and bad behaviors
  • Give teachers a flexible guide that can be adapted to the behaviors of any child
  • Help children with social skills during play
  • Reward children for trying coping behaviors