Teasing. Fights. Broken Toys. Yelling. Crying. Losing A Game. Whining.  Cutting In Line. Hitting. Bullying. Not Getting Your Way?

Don’t Hope, Cope”
— Tomi Ungerer, Children's Author


Each Lesson in Grab The Wheel is designed to introduce and reinforce specific skills.  Skills are broken down into small, concrete steps, and come with highly structured and visual materials to make lessons accessible to a children of varying abilities and emotional learning needs. 

Lessons include a Goal, Language to Introduce the Lesson, Step-by-Step instructions, a Guided Lesson, and Additional Practice activities to reinforce and help generalize skills.  Guided Lessons include creative activities to make skills come alive, and create natural learning opportunities using basic resources in the classroom.  The appendix includes additional materials, worksheets, social stories, and illustrations that accompany each lesson and provide teachers and parents with flexible options to tailor the lessons to the behavioral needs of their children.

Chapter 1: Identifying & Expressing Emotions

Chapter 2: Understanding & Managing Anger & Other Difficult Emotions

Chapter 3: Using The Wheel to Manage Emotions & Solve Problems

Appendix: Behavior Charts, Worksheets, Illustrations, Social Stories, Characters, Behavioral Reinforcements, Activities & Games