Here's a sneek peek at The Good Choice Crew, the characters that help children learn helpful coping skills.


Strong Words

Strong Words helps children use their words appropriately and effectively.  This character really knows how to speak up and tell others whats going on.  Teachers and Parents love Strong Words, not whiny words.  Friends love Strong Words, not mean words, hitting, or yelling. 




The unsung hero, Listening is the foundation of all learning.  Listening is way more than just a powerfully tuned ear.  Did you know over 90% of communication comes from nonverbal cues such as body language?  This character shows kids how to use their whole bodies to show they are good Listeners.



Say How I FEEL

Sad?  Scared? Mad? Worried? Need a hug?  Say How I Feel is "The Feelings Detective", and will identify emotions and express feelings to others.  Instead of Yelling, Whining, Crying, or Hitting, just say how you feel!  A lifelong skill, Say How I Feel only gets more important with age.  Unlock the magical powers of this character early to excel in school, relationships, coping, and beyond!



The most important and most complex to master of all the skills, Try Something Different is key to developing more mature coping skill, and is essential to being a good problem solver and team player.  Things Not Going Your Way?  Stayyy Coool...and Try Something Different!